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What I Offer

I am a Marriage, Family Therapist who offers sessions for both individuals, couples, and groups.  I specializes in making specific life changes working with a goal and a time frame. 

I also offers Practitioner Sessions as an Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner to allow a person to unfold any unresolved spiritual issues in their lives. My practice is non-denominational and offers guidance to all religions in seeking out the practice that is best for the individual. As a Homeopath, Deborah specializes in sleep issues and disorders.  I also works with trauma and grief.

As a Feldenkrais Practitioner, I have worked with individuals dealing with hip replacements, stroke, improvement in sports, and trauma.

I created Total Personal Development which is a program combining Homeopathy, Feldenkrais and Spiritual Counseling.  This unique approach deals with issues energetically, physically and spiritually.  The comprehensiveness of TPD allows the individual to work with one person in all of these areas.  The cross over of the modalities creates a healing opportunity that is unique and deep. 

In a free 15 minute consultation, you will have the opportunity to experience the depth of this work.

Deborah McMahon

Developing the Whole Being

Work with a committed counselor to develop the tools you need to maintain your perfect self. Total personal development is a process that I created using Agape spiritual counseling, Feldenkrais™, and homeopathy. This program is perfect for people who have had hip replacements, strokes, sports injuries, and those seeking to get beyond their perceived limitations. Once your body becomes organized, you will feel euphoria and a sense of peace with yourself. Your orientation to life will be changed completely.

Through total personal development, you empower your body to heal itself. Because this is a homeopathic technique, there are never any side effects.

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Meeting Your Needs

Her methods work because everything is personalized to fit your needs. She takes the time to find out what you like to drink and eat, and she creates a very intimate setting with comfortable leather and fur chairs. All of her notes are handwritten to ensure that your privacy is completely protected, and you will never wait in a lobby or waiting room.
Confidentialty comes first! Plenty of free parking.

Working with All Religions

I always takes a non-denominational approach to my work. People from every walk of life are welcome to take part in my program. My office is a sacred space, and all are invited.

Become the person you dream of being with the help of a homeopathic practitioner.

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Thank you for your interest. Please reach out with questions or comments using the information below. Deborah McMahon looks forward to hearing from you.

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